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Lovely finds at a local antique shop

Sterling Silver & Cut Glass Cosmetic Jars

A sterling silver compact with a porcelain rose
on top

This is my favorite, a cut glass & sterling silver perfume jar with wand!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moringa Oil

an ancient miracle oil for a modern age

Moringa oil is among the most desired oils in the formulation of skin care products and cosmetics, chosen for its many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties. These antioxidants do wonders for aging and nutrient-depleted skin.
With an impressive oleic acid content of 72%, Moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and also helping the skin and hair retain moisture. Moringa oil’s benefits include skin care and rejuvenation, stronger and healthier hair, wrinkle reduction and skin blemish removal. Moringa oil suppliers often have a tough time keeping up with the demand for this rare and luxurious oil.
Moringa oil is a non-drying nutty flavored oil with a clear or slightly pale yellow consistency. The healing properties have been documented for centuries, dating back to ancient cultures. It has been used in skin preparations and ointments since Egyptian times. 

Health and Beauty

Moringa’s value has long since been known to the ancients. This may explain why the Egyptians placed vases of Moringa oil in their tombs, for use in the afterlife. It's potent antioxidant profile, which gives the oil its remarkable stability, is also the reason it’s included in some of the best skin moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and other skin health products around the world.
Moringa oil is a popular natural supplement to increase the health and strength of the hair and scalp. It can be massaged into the hair and scalp and allowed to remain there for several minutes, delivering rejuvenating vitamins and minerals to the follicles of the hair and tissue of the scalp. Regular massage with this oil can help reduce split ends and dandruff.
In similar fashion, Moringa oil–one of the most nutrient dense oils in the world–is a popular choice for many anti-aging and wrinkle reduction products. Although there are new and innovative scientific ways to reduce wrinkles and restore vitality to the skin, much of the secret to youthful skin simply lies in maintaining a healthy living environment for skin cells to live–and Moringa oil achieves this goal perfectly.
Much like wrinkles, acne is another skin condition that is well treated with a healthy environment for skin tissue. Indians have long since used Moringa oil as a means to treat acne, and now the West is discovering its uses as a natural combatant against face blemishes and skin problems.

Fragrances and Oil Blends

Another interesting application of Moringa oil is in the production of expensive and natural perfumes and fragrances. Many commercially produced perfumes are created with scents that are synthesized using chemicals. However, a portion of the perfume market still employs more traditional and natural production practices to create their perfumes, using a technique known as "enflourage". This procedure uses oils to capture the scents of natural plant materials, locking the scent molecules into the oil. Moringa oil’s high oleic level, combined with its enduring shelf life, make it a popular choice for traditional perfume production.
Extracted from the large seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree, Moringa oil is among the most exotic and highly sought out of all the world’s many oils. Many health and beauty experts consider Moringa oil the primary secret behind the healthy and radiant skin seen in Asia and Africa.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Sororia Botanical Perfumes 

has just added 2 new lovely perfumes to it's natural perfume line. Check out the great review at Cafleurebon! You have until March 9th to leave a comment and enter the draw for a full size bottle of Dulcet Flora spray or Tamani Silky Roll On......

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sororia Organics is proud to be voted one of the 40 top natural Beauty & Body Products of 2013 by Delicious Living!

Delicious Living Magazine recently named its 40 Best Natural Products (Beauty & Body)The handcrafted soaps are wrapped in quilt squares that can be creatively recycled. Their product labels are printed on handmade Lotka seeded paper, which is made in Nepal by rural craftspeople in an environmentally friendly process with 50% recycled content. The process is earth friendly and provides a large community with a healthy